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Our commitment to success is proven with the ACTual Solutions Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

We provide expert assistance to students of all ages, in all subjects, including:


Reading, Writing, Math


Advanced Placement Math and Science


State Mandated Tests, SAT/ACT, GRE/GMAT


Applications, Resumes and Essays

Results Driven Tutoring

Our tutors help clients achieve deep learning and understanding.The focus and content of tutoring sessions take into account individual student's strengths and weaknesses - not the strengths and weaknesses of an entire classroom or tutoring center. Our tutor will identify the student's best learning method - auditory, visual, or kinesthetic - and will teach lessons appropriately. The student sets the pace of the lesson and we give feedback to the parent to show what progress is being made.

Ultimately, we strive for our students not only to learn the subject that they are being taught, but also to become an independent and successful learner, which will translate into success not only in school, but in life.

and Private

One-on-one instruction is delivered conveniently and privately in your home. This setting is familiar and comfortable, and there is no need to travel to a distant learning center.

Flexible to
Your Needs

We know how busy families are so we have tutors available 7 days a week to work around your schedule. Our extensive talent pool allows us to provide, as needed, individual tutors or teams of tutors.


Our rates are very competitive - often less than our competition. We never require a long-term contract, and you only pay for hours that you use, as you use them. Our clients continue to work with us because they love our tutors and our service.

We offer all of our clients a FREE consultation where we will help you ACT: we will evaluate your needs, identify an action plan, select an appropriate tutor, and give you an exact hourly rate dependant on the skill level of the tutor that you select.

The ACT in ACTual Solutions is capitalized because we exist to help you and your family ACT: ASSESS your situation, CHOOSE your best options, and TAKE ACTION. We help clients achieve individual, specific learning goals and we stand ready to help your family prepare for upcoming challenges, pull ahead at work or in school, refresh past learning, learn something new, catch up, and close gaps.



Our Commitment to success is proven with the ACTual Solutions Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!